Due to the current COVID-19 Virus situation we want to first, and foremost, extend our hopes that you and your loved ones are safe and well, and remain so through this difficult time. We hope that boating is a good escape for you and we fully intended to remain open (Law Permitting) servicing your boats/engines, and selling parts so you can fix them too. Please read below for our policies pertaining to the various departments you may use here. 

HOURS OF OPERATION: M-F 9AM to 3:30pm, Saturday 9am - 12noon

As for the current business situation, we want to update you on our status and our plan moving forward through this crisis.

Suncoast Marine Center is remaining open for business with modified hours and  procedures. Due to our being categorized as an essential business supporting marine operations for local military and first responders, commercial fisherman, and ferry operations; we are exempted from closure directives unless the criteria for our exemption status is changed. We will be able to maintain our “essential” status only if we follow CDC guidelines for safe business practices. The physical property and structures of Suncoast Marine Center, except for the customer parking area, is off-limits to the public. Though the gate will be open to facilitate movement of vessels and equipment, the service yard is off-limits as well. Effective immediately, WE ARE A NO CONTACT FACILITY.

Though we have a full docket of work for the next several weeks we are giving our employees full support if they choose to shelter-in-place at home and not come to work. We have had two employees who have decided to stay home due to the virus risk. Should more employees choose to stay home, it will obviously impact the ability to maintain our current production capabilities and we will further advise you if our scheduling capabilities change in the service department.

For customers needing to purchase parts and accessories, please review the following policies and procedures:

  1. Customers requiring assistance can call us at 727-535-4500 or email us at Parts.SMC@gmail.com to inquire about parts needs or to place an order. We will not be available for in-person consultation until further notice.

  2. When picking up parts, please call us upon arrival to our parking lot. We will bring your order to the cart staged in front of the doors for your retrieval.

  3. Payments for parts purchases can be done via credit card over the phone, through Paypal invoicing via email.


  5. Bulk oil purchases with “turn-in” containers have been suspended until further notice. However, we have lowered prices on new jugs of oil to closer match bulk pricing.



For customers with boats and/or motors in-work or needing service work:

1. We are currently working normal business hours and the service dept. is fully operational. 2. As of today, 3/25/20, our vendors and distributors are fully operational for parts ordering. Though we have a large inventory of OEM parts, our ability to provide service needs may be affected should there be any closures in our supply chain.

  1. Service dept personnel are not available for in-person consultation. Any service communications will be conducted solely via telephone, email, or video chat services such as Skype, Facetime,

etc. Please verify your email is working as our primary conveyance of documentation is done through email.


  1. Dropping off for service:


  1. Call us at 727-535-4500 when you arrive in the parking lot with your boat. Do not get out of your vehicle. Our yard personnel have been instructed not to approach anyone who have left their vehicle.

  2. The yard person will unhook the trailer from your vehicle and signal to you that he is clear, at which point you can drive away.

  3. From this point the service procedure is business as usual except that our communication will be purely via telephone or digital means.


  1. Picking up from service:


  1. When your service is complete you will receive a final billing via email.

  2. Payment can be with cashiers check, credit card, or Paypal invoice.


  1. Check: Payments can be done at the front door by putting the check in an envelope and placing that on the cart staged at the door. We then retrieve the check from the cart, process the payment, and place your change and receipt on the cart for you to retrieve.


  1. Credit Card: Notify us before you come to pick up for credit card payments. We will include a credit card authorization with final billing. Print the authorization, fill it out and sign it. Scan the completed authorization and send it back to the email you received the final billing from. Upon arrival to pick up, your credit card payment will be processed, and your receipt will be emailed to the address on file.


  1. Paypal Invoice: Prior to picking up your boat, request a Paypal invoice via email. When you receive the Paypal invoice, simply follow the on-screen instructions to process the payment.


  1. Call us at 727-535-4500 when you arrive to pick up your boat. Do not get out of your vehicle. Our yard personnel have been instructed not to approach anyone who have left their vehicle AND to not hook up any boat if you are out of your vehicle.

  2. After final payment has been processed, our yard person will hook up your boat. He will then back away and give you an opportunity to inspect the hitch and electrical connections before leaving the property.

  3. If there is an issue or you have any questions, the yard person will advise us and we will call you on the phone to handle your questions / concerns.

We sincerely appreciate your continued patronage and your patience with our procedures during this time.

13100 S. Belcher Road  Largo, FL 33772 

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